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The importance of signage and display in our everyday lives is something that has fascinated me for a long time. From my first job out of college working for a sign company, and surrounded by friends who were designers, illustrators and photographers, I saw the power of signage in Wayfinding Systems and Heritage Trails that help us navigate and learn about out cities and towns, in Exhibition Display, Point of Sale and Vehicle Livery used to advertise and sell our goods and services.

Later on having cut my teeth on projects of my own it was working with, and speaking to, traditional sign writers that I learned about the impact signage has on the streets we walk and the buildings that surround us. A Shopfront Design, or Retail Space carefully considered in terms of scale, proportion colour and appropriate signage has the ability to create a balanced and ordered feeling to the street on which it trades. Ill considered schemes, using inappropriate materials or ‘fake’ solutions sit uneasy in a public environment and can negatively impact a street, unless of course, that is what you are after. But then, design is considered even more so in disruptive architecture. Our daily lives are surrounded and influenced by signage of all types. I think that good design should be the starting point. If you feel the same way – then we should get on fine when working together. – David Murphy – Principal

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