COOLNASMEAR COACHING ecommerce website

We designed and developed this ecommerce website for a client offering Life Coaching services to those wishing to transform all areas of their lives. With so many businesses in 2020 moving their services online the main aim of this new website was to provide our client with a way to continue offering their services, usually 1 to 1, in a safe and easy accessible way to national and international clients. 1 to 1 services would still be offered but in a socially distanced setting such as during a forrest walk or cycle.

Resources for sale from the website such as video presentations and content for download were also to be part of the requirements, as well as a blog and links to the clients social media channels for use in marketing. A robust payment system to handle all session bookings and resource sales, plus data analytics would also be included.

Custom developed solutions for this client included:
> online session booking with choice of app
> 1 to 1 session booking with choice of app
> resource sales through online shop
> payment system to handle resources and multiple booking types

You can visit the site here.

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