DEEP POOL Financial Solutions

Deep Pool Financial Solutions was born in 2021 from the merger of industry leaders HWM Financial Solutions and KOGER, creating the world’s premier investor servicing and regulatory solutions provider. The merger brought three decades of experience in the vanguard of the fund administration and compliance technology space with their solutions powering 11 of the world’s top 20 alternative fund administrators.

The name references the need to go deeper in terms of analysis, exploration, examination and commitment to get the best results, and the design takes inspiration from a pebble dropped in a pond, sending ripples outward gaining momentum, gathering steam, growing larger, creating something new.

Following the branding of the new company we were brought on board to design and develop a new website and produce collateral materials for use across their global touch points.

Deliverables for this client included:
Responsive website
Design of White paper & product brief publications
Environmental office graphics
Lap top assets – lid skins and desktop wallpapers
Virtual backgrounds for online meetings

You can visit the website here.

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