Certain projects don’t come along very often, but to have two in the one year – first the independent Regal Cinema in Youghal Co. Cork – and now a chance to work with a client such as the Movies@ group with cinemas in Dundrum, Swords, Gorey and Dungarvan was a great opportunity. A full website design was requested and following an extensive walk through of the current iteration we submitted our proposal and embarked on the project.

From the outset it was agreed that the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) needed to be re-evaluated so as to create a streamlined environment that would enable the user to browse effectively and book a movie with ease. Concession sales and additional offers (Up-Sells), being of vital importance to a cinemas business model, were also a primary factor to be taken into consideration along the users journey. The look and feel of the new website would also need to be a visually clean modern solution, responsive in nature allowing for display on multiple devices, focusing more so, but not exclusively on the mobile visitor. Branding across the website would change to match our designs with the in-house team supplying new cinema specific logos.

Starting with a forensic analysis of the current site, its failings, the challenging areas – in terms of the users journey, and what worked but needed to be re-thought and presented within a new interface was planned out.

Paramount at all times was to have a frictionless environment for the user to navigate through from entry to exit. The redesign of navigation and the use of filtered search choices, strong movie poster images, and a quick book menu for those that new what they wanted to book was included.

Introducing concession sales and call to actions for additional offers at an inopportune time while a visitor is browsing can have a negative effect on their experience. We decided that by creating promotional areas at contextual intersections, proved a more passive but effective way to remind the user that concessions and offers such as premier seating, etc. are available to be purchased. However, it’s not until they are booking a ticket that they need to make a decision about such things.

Frontend design included the introduction of a palette of purple with accent colours, call to actions and buttons in yellows and reds modernised the visual aspect of the site and helped on screen legibility. Font choice for headings and promo sections were rounded to give a modern but friendly feel throughout. Clients own cinema imagery and section images were used to introduce the premium experience of the cinemas and we created loyalty/gift cards, Kids Club etc for use as graphics across the site.

The complete website is integrated with the clients current 3rd party booking system, and includes a CMS that is user friendly and allows complete control over the day to day management of content and SEO needs by the Movies@ in-house team.

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