Waterford City & County Council Annual Report 2016

The Waterford City & County Council Annual Report 2016, was designed for digital download for those within the organisation and the general public alike. The 2016 theme was based on the ‘connectivity’ between the City and County Council – in their day to day business – and where/how those things connect and intersect with the public. Following on from the 2015 annual report designed in-house where some content was displayed in infographic format, in this years iteration we expanded the idea to simplify the considerable amount of content to be included and make it easier to read.


Where appropriate and if possible we used graphic features for the subject matter to represent data and content about the local authorities’ work, services, initiatives and achievements which interconnect with the public. Colour, clarity of message and readability by all ages was at the forefront of our minds when creating the report.


You can view the Waterford City & County Council Annual Report 2016 here.

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