GRACED SPACE Book design for St. Carthages Cathedral

GRACED SPACE – Five places for Prayer,  is a companion guide for visitors to St. Carthages Cathedral, Lismore, Co. Waterford,  to use as both a meditative and historical reference while they make their way around the unique heritage site. The book design is a trifold A4-DL with embossed (gold) cover details with the main body of pages saddle stitched within.

“So often guides to ancient churches somehow separate history and holiness. The admirer of architecture is not always drawn into the way of prayer. This guide is different, gently presenting the essential oneness of the curiosity of the visitor and the quest of the pilgrim. In the bonding power of the cross all things become embraced.

I hope many users of this guide will come to share my own conviction that whatever the travails of contemporary life treading the holy ground of Lismore can be restorative and indeed transforming.”

Bishop of Lismore.

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