ST. CARTHAGE’S CATHEDRAL – The Cotton Library Display Pieces

The Cotton Library, belonging to St Carthage’s Cathedral in Lismore, is named for Henry Cotton who was elected Dean of Lismore in 1834. A considerable scholar, he wrote many books and remained the Dean for the better part of a decade and a half before resigning and eventually passing many years later in 1879. Cotton is buried in the cathedral grounds and the library he founded still stands today; however, public access is limited and by appointment only.

There are plans to open the library to the public in due course but until then it was the current Dean’s wish to create awareness of the lesser-known library’s existence. Red Heaven Design was commissioned to help and created several informational displays that capture the attention of the cathedral visitors providing historic facts and contact information to arrange a tour of the library if desired. The designed panels present several visual cues that offer the visitor a sample of what is beyond the library doors; a subtle peek inside for times when an immediate tour isn’t available.

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