With over 30 years of experience in roofing contracting, Curry Roofing has established itself as one of Ireland’s leading roofing contractors specialising in waterproofing membranes. With a range of premium products they service both the residential and commercial sectors and have an extensive network of Builders, Quantity Surveyors and Architects with whom they deal with regularly. Having relied almost solely on word of mouth as a means to acquire business it was apparent that Curry Roofing could benefit from expanding their measures of advertising.

Being that Curry Roofing had no existing website it was apparent that an imminent web presence was urgently required and hence Red Heaven Design began with the creation of a new, responsive  website from the ground up.

The visual design pays homage to the legacy companies, JM&W Curry and Curry Asphalting Co. established decades previous to what is now known as Curry Roofing.

Recognising their customer segmentation and the attributes of these customers’ specific needs, Red Heaven Design structured the site with a simple user experience that is easy to navigate and developed copy that speaks directly to each customer segment in a tone of voice they would identify with and is representative of the Curry Roofing brand.

We understand that the nature of the roofing industry is one whereby contracts are attained by accumulating leads; therefore, we made it very easy for the on-site user to reach out at any point in their information gathering process on the site to obtain a free quote.

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