WILD OATS SOAP – Gift Set Packaging

Wild Oats Soap was born amidst a passionate adoration of soap, the feel good benefits of pure essential oils and the natural skin nourishment and protection properties of organic oats.

Founder, Karen, and her business partner, Deirdre, came to Red Heaven Design with a challenge. They weren’t satisfied with their current gift set packaging and wanted to explore options that were attractive, accommodated a variety of different product types and combinations, cut down assembly time and maintain an affordable unit cost. Red Heaven Design went straight to work!

Three packaging options were explored that met the brief’s demands, each boasting their own distinct advantages. A custom package made especially for Wild Oats was chosen to move forward with and the leg-work continued. A packaging manufacture was sourced while the gift box designs were fleshed out.

It was in the design phase that we were challenged once more. Wild Oats has two distinct product ranges (Core and Tender) that consist of a variety of different soaps, oils and bath milks, each denoted by their own individual colour. It was important that the packaging itself be neutral enough to work with each singular product colour yet uniquely identifiable by product range for the consumer.

Red Heaven Design examined many different colour choices and presented concepts for each product range that worked well with their specific colour palettes. A light-grey tone was chosen for the bold Core range and a cream-like tone for the softer Tender range. Both ranges adopt a charcoal base that houses the Wild Oats logo and provides a suitable canvas for singular product identifier labels on top of the packaging.

Karen and Deirdre are very happy with the outcome and are excited to get their new packaging in store for the upcoming holiday season.

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