Liosmór Mochuda National School is a primary school founded in 1962 and continues to be an important part of Lismore and the surrounding communities. Historically, the school has remained small by numbers, which affords the teachers to provide exceptional one-on-one interaction with each student as they grow and learn. Sadly, student enrolment had been down over the past years and Red Heaven Design was approached to help beginning with the creation of a new website.

As we discovered, the old website was not very user friendly for staff, students or parents. Aside from an active blog, the site didn’t offer much useful information that an inquisitive current parent or curious future parent may be seeking. Further discussions with Liosmór Mochuda N. S. uncovered some thoughts as to why enrolment may be slipping: unawareness of where the school is located or that it even exists. Knowing that a new website wasn’t necessarily the silver bullet, collectively with the school we felt it was a good first place to start so that at the very least a place for current parents and parents of prospective students to find helpful information existed.

With a surplus of content provided by the school, RHD created an uncomplicated, on-site user experience by organising the content in a way that is relevant for each of the site’s prospective audiences bringing pertinent information to the forefront for each. For example, a calendar of events for current parents and an online enrolment interest form for parents of prospective students; neither which had existed on the old site.

The design rests on a palette of lively, youthful colours and incorporates plenty of images of children and teachers interacting in an exciting environment conducive to learning and having fun. The school’s motto “big trees from small acorns grow” is visually represented by the single acorn present in the navigation menu and sporadically throughout the site and the leafy oak tree that frames the pages in the footer and homepage main banner. You can visit the site here.

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