FOLEY’S ON THE MALL – Gift Voucher Design

Built in 1870, Foley’s on the Mall is a warm and inviting space to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and family with a primary aim to provide guests a first class selection of food, wine and beverages with service to compliment all the above.

Having designed the Foley’s website previously we were quite familiar with the brand. When Red Heaven Design was invited to produce gift vouchers it was a welcomed opportunity that we were happy to oblige.

Ordinarily, when a gift is purchased it is with the intent to show gratitude when passing it to the recipient. As the receiver it’s inherently special when the gift presented is of distinctive stature. It’s with this notion of status and luxury the Foley’s gift vouchers were designed and reproduced.

The clean layout proudly displays the Foley’s logo on both faces with space for voucher details on the front. An iridescent print stock was chosen to exude a high-class feel that emulates Foley’s quality service offering and is sure to stand above all other print collateral in the marketplace.

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