Bride Valley Irish Pasteurised Cheddar is a range of matured and carefully blended cheeses by Eamonn Lonergan and his team at Knockanore Farmhouse Cheese, Co. Waterford.Eamonn asked us to create branding for the new range of blended cheeses consisting of a brand identity/logo, and label design.

Following a period of market research where we observed what competitor products would surround the new BVC range, how they performed visually, who stuck out and why, we talked with Eamonn and his team about our findings and agreed on a direction forward.

We noticed a singular style in the visual language used by competitors that leaned more so towards the traditional font styles and ‘old irish’ heritage imagery, coupled with very strong colour palettes. Discussing further with the client we all decided what was needed was something fresh/clean, attractive but non aggressive in terms of its colour palette, modern but with a nod to the artisan experience and techniques behind the process of cheese making.

We created a suite of ideas to be discussed by Eamonn and his team and let them sit with the designs over a number of weeks to see what ‘perculated’.

The design chosen to represent the range had a three part combination that gave us the feel we were after.

1) a hand printed logotype for the name – that draws on the ‘do-it-yourself’ nature of the artisan – the font which would also be used for descriptive text on the labels creating continuity of style,
2) an etched illustration of a cow to distinguish the type of cheese
3) an overlayed block of vibrant colour to represent each cheese flavour

All three components on a white background which would help project the overall design.

Taste tests were underway while we were in the design process and the final resulting mature white cheddar blends were to be: Naturally smoked using oak chips, Black Pepper and Chives, Garlic and Herb, Sundried Tomato, Black Pepper and Rosemary, Roasted Onion and Caraway seed.

Each cheese was assigned its own colour and we have insured that the palette can be expanded to include future products as well.

Additional print collateral for promotion was created as well as the updating of the clients website.

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