WALK WATERFORD – From Sea to Mountains

Following a competitive tender process we were delighted to be awarded the opportunity to work with Waterford City & County Council to design the 2021 iteration of ‘WALK WATERFORD – From Sea to Mountains’, a tourism publication aimed at attracting walkers and outdoor enthusiasts to Waterford.

We have worked with WCCC on an earlier iteration of the same name in 2012 and again in 2019, where we created a suite of 4 tourism guides based on a compact folded ‘Map’ style design with matching protective slip wallets. The 2021 version would be a book expanding the original concept with more information on the variety of walks and trails, rural and urban, the metrics for each, with interesting back stories and facts, detailed maps, and fantastic imagery throughout the entire county.

Our most challenging task with the book design was to take a considerable amount of mixed content and structure it so that it has continuity of style, is representative of the Walk Waterford brand, is not congested and remains legible to the reader.

Allowing enough ‘white space’ around the content helped with giving it room to breath, while structuring the layout so that maps, wherever possible, had their own page with the written content alongside on another. Chapter headers would be double page spreads with a fantastic image representing the title and also act as a method of resting the readers eye.

In terms of graphic design we created a selection of icons to me used for the metrics, with colour keys to match the trails on the maps. The final output was a perfect bound book with a companion version designed for display online.

If you like walks and trails, be they around a city, deep in the countryside or up on the mountains, Waterford has something for the outdoor enthusiast of all levels. And if you can’t visit the county you can view and/or download the web version of Walk Waterford – From Sea to Mountains on the visitwaterford.com website here.

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