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Study Skills 4 Success is a study process, developed by an Irish educator for second level students that are innovative, easy to use and contain an in-built flexibility to cater for individual approaches to study and learning. The techniques and strategies learned by the student can play a crucial role when managing deadlines for assessments and examinations at second level and beyond.

The brand design process started by developing the logo, the construct of which was already in the mind of the client who has a background in Technical Graphics education. After supplying me with a drawing of what he wanted to use, the first step was to rendered it in black and white after which I added motion by way of sculpting the four elements that make up the logo. The colour scheme requested was to be vibrant and contemporary with various iterations of the logo needed for the branding across all customer touch points, such as stationery, marketing materials and website.

The design and production of collateral materials such as the Student Study guide and the follow on Suppliment Guide were challenges we enjoyed finding a solution for. As each piece carried a considerable amount of information aimed at different age student groups, the client requested we find a solution to accommodate the information, with a view that the final print piece be engaging visually, easily storable and handleable by the student when using it in their daily lives. Our solution was to create an accordian style booklet enabling us to carry all the information on one piece of paper, (keeping print budgets down), the width of a school desk that can fold to the size a standard envelope. Following this we created a presentation folder to gather and contain all the client collateral materials for handing out at seminars.


Joe Cashman / Educator

David Murphy’s work  impressed me on many levels. His attention to detail, creativity and professionalism was exactly what I needed to create a strong brand identity for my new business Study Skills 4 Success. From the very beginning David devoted time, energy and commitment to bring the branding of my new  business to fruition.  I  found him to be incredibly well organised, easy to communicate with and always delivered within the agreed timeframe.  David created a brand identity from print to website design that met all my expectations and more. It was great to work with someone so open-minded and responsive to my design needs, business goals and aspirations. I could not be more pleased with the result and would recommend David unequivocally.

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