Saint Carthage’s Cathedral in Lismore, Co. Waterford, on an ancient site, has a stillness and presence, where history, holiness and human warmth
 come together. This website gathers together elements of it’s heritage, it’s unique story in Ireland’s Ancient East, and invites the visitor to engage with the building and the Community that sustains it. You can visit the website here.


David Murphy of Red Heaven Designs has been working with the Cathedral over the last 7 years. As well as a wealth of experience and utmost professionalism, David has brought fresh and incisive insights to some of our key projects. It matters to him that we see the concepts at work,and he is patient and passionate about exploring them with individuals or a group. Key to all of this however has been David’s ability to enter into and sense the character, psyche and dna of the Cathedral and it’s community. The work David has done to date has been of huge significance, and has enhanced what has always been there.


Very Rev. Paul Draper, Dean of St. Carthages Cathedral

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