R – Visual Identity

R is an experimental musical vehicle for two artists to expand their knowledge, creativity and skills in a genre that is outside their day to day performance work but for which they both have a great love for.

Originally starting out as ‘The R’s’, initial iterations of the visual identity combined 3 elements ‘The’ , ‘R’ and ‘s’. This proved quite challenging as I wanted the identity to be viewed as one mark without the need for it to be within a container, be it a circle, square etc. The solution came while I was working with a typeface with double inlines to get the ‘R’ and after redrawing the final elements things seemed to fall into place.

However, not long after completion and before the first single was being mastered, the artists informed me that they had encountered an Australian group with the same name, so we decided to reduce the mark to the single letter ‘R’.

I have since expanded the lettering to include the song titles, and used this on the first single released Oct 2013.

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