R – Music Packaging

The R’s electronica group is an experimental vehicle for 3 musical artists located in Ireland and the UK to expand their knowledge, creativity and skills in a musical genre they enjoy personally.

Music packaging designs for the R singles series to date are Change, Bubble Gum Geisha and  the latest ReForward Fastwind. Each project is individual and references the song in some way. Packaging of the designs are always kept simple for costs sake – CD, Wallet and inlay but I try to expand upon the designs for branding of the groups social media accounts through which each single is promoted. The video for ReForward Fastwind is due for release in the coming weeks but check out the videos for ‘Change’ and ‘Bubble Gum Geisha’ to hear the group.

I developed a secondary font for the track title expanded from and to accompany the R logo. A 4 quadrant rendering of the logo also appears as part of the credit inlay booklet.

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