MUSICSTRINGS – Logo and Print design

Musicstrings, is a class which promotes creativity and lets your child enjoy and embrace the world of music.

Based on the ‘Colourstrings’ teaching method developed by Hungarian violinist Geza Szilvay, the aim is to introduce music to children as young as 3 months to 5 years of age through well known songs, rhymes and folk songs, so that they can develop a sense of pulse, good listening skills and experience the basic elements of music. Later, these children begin to secure a clear sense of pulse and rhythm and begin to develop inner hearing.

From 4 years old they are able to read basic music notation and experience simple musical structures. All of this inevitably leads to children learning an instrument.

Approaching the logo and print design, I researched the teaching methods involved, and created the identity in response to the idea I had of a ‘chic finding its voice’. Perched on a branch, or in this case the ‘T’, the chick sings at the top of it’s voice to all and sundry.

The Musicstrings logotype and Chick character can be use in this iteration or viewed apart for more dynamic use in marketing materials, as seen here in the flyer, or garments etc, without losing impact of the overall identity.

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