CAREER COMPASS – Website Design

Career Compass offers a career support service for students, professionals and organisations using a combination of psychometric assessments, coaching, 1:1 and group skills training. Elaine, the company’s owner and operator, had already begun her work with Career Compass before coming to Red Heaven Design in need of a website. To her, a site was the logical next step for the business as a means to sharing the masses of valuable information with prospective clients and ultimately converting prospects into customers.

Elaine had a concept for her corporate logo in mind and an enormous amount of invaluable content speaking about her service offering. Following our initial discussions it was agreed that Red Heaven would render her logo concept and subsequently create a site that suited her business needs.

It was important that the site have e-commerce functionality and the content be organised to speak to each of Career Compass’ target audience members specifically. We knew the pillars of Elaine’s programs are inspirational in nature and that she was an avid blogger always sharing interesting and useful perspectives. These are the attributes we brought to the forefront of the Career Compass site delivered through a balance of strong, vibrant imagery and a soft, welcoming colour palette.