Dude, where’s your logo?

I have been waiting to use this solution for my stationery for a while and with the new site redesigned I thought there’s no time like the present. Basically, keeping the design simple and sticking with my black, red and white colours what I wanted to do was make my logo invisible when viewed at first glance on the printed paper.

At first glance the red ‘R’ counter space and my contact details are all that appear on the front when you look at the letterhead and comp slips. When you pick up the paper the invisible logo, and in the case of the comp, the ‘with compliments’ text is seen. I achieved this by flood coating the reverse of the letterheads and comp slips in black, keeping the logo and the text white so that it can be read through the front. With very minimal impact on the crisp white front the black ink blocks out some light when held up but the unprinted areas leave all the light through revealing the logo and text. The cards are a simple – logo / name on a white background on one side and contact details on a black background on the reverse. I have an idea how to use the invisibility factor on business cards in the future but for now, I’m very happy I was able to try this solution out.